30% Off Lonely Planet Guides

Lonely Planet Guides

With the wealth of information that can be found on the internet and through social media these days do we even need guidebooks anymore when visiting a new destination?

I for one still like to pick up a book about where I’ll be visiting to prepare for just about all of my trips. I find this a great way to find out what the country has to offer and I also like to learn a little about the country’s history, population, traditions, food and other interesting details provided in guidebooks. 

I also like to have a book to hold and flip through. I’ve downloaded some digital chapters of guidebooks and to me it just isn’t the same as reading a book.

When it comes to guidebooks, I tend to usually go with Lonely Planet. I know that guidebooks aren’t perfect but LP seems to best fit my travel style while organizing the information in an easy to read way.

Lonely Planet is currently running a 30% off promo in their online shop across all formats.

Whether a paper hard copy is your thing or you prefer a digital e-book, you can save on Lonely Planet guides either way.

I didn’t see any details as to when this offer expires but it is listed as a July sale so I’d assume that it will be running for the entire month.

Click here to check out all of the titles that LP offers.

(A bit of advice– I’d also check the prices on Amazon too as they tend to usually sell the guides at a discount off of list price.)

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