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Helpful New Feature Coming To Google Maps

Google Maps

Mapping programs have come a long way over the years. We used to go to sites like Mapquest to print out directions and then GPS’s like Garmin and TomTom came along.

Nowadays I’m not sure if many people use much besides their phones for directions.

While I primarily use Waze for directions, when taking public transportation, Google Maps is the way to go. Continue reading Helpful New Feature Coming To Google Maps

You Can Save Google Maps Directions Offline!

Save Google Maps Directions

When asked to name my favorite travel apps, my list is sure to include TripIt, AwardWallet and Currency. Another app that I will usually mention is one that isn’t just for travel, it’s used by many everyday.

Google Maps is such a useful app that I haven’t turned my regular GPS on in years besides the times I borrowed a map chip to use it around Europe and during our trip to the Middle East Gulf States.

In May of 2014 I wrote about some intereting Google Maps app updates.

I just came across some news of a new feature from the Google Maps app which can benefit us when we don’t have an internet connection. Continue reading You Can Save Google Maps Directions Offline!

Some Interesting Google Maps App Updates


Considering how bad my sense of direction can be, I used to get lots of use out of my Garmin GPS. However, I haven’t had much need to turn it on over the past few years. Besides using it during our Quick Euro-Roadtrip (back in February), I can’t remember the last time that I’ve actually powered my Garmin on!

If you put aside the slow response from the touch screen and long waits for finding satellites, my Garmin works just fine.

The thing is, I found a much easier and more convenient GPS- the Google Maps app on my iPhone. (The Google Maps app is also available for Android.)

Continue reading Some Interesting Google Maps App Updates