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European Cities with Cheapest Five-Star Hotels

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I wouldn’t claim to be a Five-Star Hotel kind of guy.

Since we always like to stretch our budget (both when using miles & points and when paying), an easy way to save money during a trip is by staying at budget accommodations like guesthouses, hostels and with airbnb. I’m not saying that we don’t like nice hotels, we just don’t like paying for them. I also find that when staying at hostels and other budget places we get much more honest travel advice/ info about the area we are visting.

For example (some of you might have heard me say this before), if I ask a hostel for a recommendation on a place to eat, they likely send me somewhere they would eat. When I ask the same question in an upscale hotel, I am usually told about their in-house restaurant. Continue reading European Cities with Cheapest Five-Star Hotels