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A Few Interesting Articles

Here are some interesting articles reported by the Associated Press and posted on Yahoo.

U.S. No-Fly List Doubles In One Year – The no-fly list went from 10,000 known or suspected terrorists to 21,000. Most people on the list are from other countries with about 500 being American

From Shipwreck in Italy, A Treasure Now Beckons – During the evacuation of the Costa Concordia, almost everything on board was abandoned- jewels, art work, cash and much more. A treasure lies beneath the water and it could just be a matter of time before treasure hunters set their sights on it.

Police: TSA Agent At JFK Stole $5K From Passenger – Police say a TSA agent stole $5,000 from a passenger’s jacket as he was going through security at JFK. The cash was taken from a Bangladeshi passenger as it wemt along an X-ray conveyor belt. There is video footage of the theft. The money has not been recovered.

Senator Rand Paul Blocked at Airport By TSA

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AP Photo

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, son of presidential candidate Ron Paul was blocked at Nashville airport after refusing a TSA patdown. Paul said the incident occurred when he walked through a sensor and an alarm was set off by his knee. “the senator said he has no screws or medical hardware around the joint,”

Paul refused the TSA’s demand for a patdown and offered to walk through the scanner again. He missed his flight to Washington after being detained at a small cubicle. TSA officials say Paul was escorted out of the screening area by local law enforcement.

Rand Paul caught a later flight after a different screening.

For more info, check out the CBS News article Here

TSA Top 10 Good Catches of 2011

The TSA Blog put out it’s list of top catches for 2011 today. There are some weird, odd and dangerous items on the list.

The list includes:

#10 snakes, turtles & birds
#9 a science project
#8 an artfully concealed non-metallic martial arts weapon,
#7 inert landmines
#6 a stun gun disguised as a smart phone
#5 a flare gun
#4 two throwing knives
#3 over 1,200 firearms
#2 a loaded .380 pistol 
#1 small chunks of C4 Explosives

To see the TSA Blog’s post with lots of fun details click here

TSA Pre-Check Program Coming to JFK Airport

How would you like to go through a speedier screening process at the airport??? I am sure that we all would. The TSA’s Pre-Check Program will be coming to JFK Airport in NY this year.
(no exact date was announced) 
It is already being used at several other airports as a pilot program and open to select individuals.

The program includes no longer removing items like:

  • Shoes
  • 3-1-1 compliant bag from carry on
  • Laptops
  • Light jackets
  • Belts

It is currently available at:

  • Atlanta: T-South Checkpoint (Delta only)
  • Dallas: Terminal C, Checkpoint C30 (American only)
  • Detroit: Checkpoint 2 on the ticketing level (Delta only)
  • Miami: D2 Checkpoint (American only)
  • Las Vegas: D Gates First Class Checkpoint (American and Delta

The program is currently open to:

  • Frequent Flyers: Delta Air Lines and American Airlines (AA) have contacted eligible frequent flyers with an invitation to opt-in. Once the passenger opts in, the airline identifies the individual as a TSA Pre-Check participant when submitting passenger reservation information to TSA’s Secure Flight system.
  • Custom and Border Protection Trusted Travelers (Current members of CBP’s Global Entry, SENTRI and NEXUS Trusted Traveler programs are automatically eligible to participate in TSA Pre-Check)

Find out more about the TSA Pre-Check program here