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Some of the Strict Rules of Singapore

a sign with a red circle with black and white symbols
While walking around the waterfront in Singapore I came across this sign showing some things that are not allowed in the area. I like how they used one sign to show all of these off-limit activities- no fishing, dogs, rollerblading or bike riding. 

I always heard that the laws in Singapore were tough. I just hope that the punishment for breaking any of these rules is not caning! 🙂 

How To Cross the Street in Singapore

a close-up of a sign
Traffic is pretty busy in Singapore and crossing the street can take some skill at times.
I was glad to see information on many street posts explaining the proper way to cross.
I wanted to share the way Singapore’s Land Transport Authority says is the right way to cross the street.
Here are the four steps:
1- Press For Green Man:
close-up of a sign on a pole
2- Do Not Start To Cross:
a close-up of a sign
3- Cross With Care:
a close-up of a sign
4- Do Not Cross:
a close-up of a sign
If you are planning to head to Singapore, I hope that this helps in getting you safely across the street! It’s better to arrive prepared… Don’t forget- follow the Green Man!