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The World’s Longest Flight on a Plane With Two Engines

a screenshot of a flight schedule

I saw this graphic posted on Delta’s Facebook page on November 9. The graphic and info provided definitely caught my attention. Along with the graphic Delta posted: 

We’re all about going the distance. At 8,434 miles and more than 16 hours, our direct flight from Johannesburg to Atlanta is the longest flight in the world on a plane with two engines.

I found Delta’s information interesting. Over the summer I had found out that Singapore Airlines operated the longest flight in the world. It goes from Newark- Singapore and takes a little under 19 hours! (For our flight to Singapore we flew from JFK-Cairo, had a short layover and then flew from Cairo- to Singapore.) The flight from Newark to Singapore is going to be cancelled in 2013.

I’ve been on quite a few long flights. I’d guess that my two longest direct flights ever were:

  • Hong Kong to New York (JFK) on Cathay Pacific- around 16 hours flying
  • Dubai to Atlanta on Delta (on the way back to JFK) around 15 1/2 hours flying
What’s the longest direct flight that you’ve ever flown?