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United On Track to Save 85 Million Gallons Of Fuel in 2013

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It’s always nice to hear about ways that the airlines are trying to make changes to help lessen their impact on the environment. 

When I think of airlines and green initiatives, KLM comes to mind. 
I wrote about a couple of environmentally friendly things they’ve done in recent months.

A couple of days back I was happy to come across an article on United Hub related to a change which can have a positive impact on the environment. 

United is on track to save 85 million gallons of fuel in 2013.
The article states that fuel is the “airline’s single largest expense and it’s primary focus environmentally”. They have several initiatives in place that will allow it to achieve it’s fuel efficiency goal.

United has improved it’s fuel efficiency by 32% since 1994 with improved flight planning, single engine taxiing, lighter products on board and the use of ground power instead of an onboard auxiliary unit.

They also invested in a new, fuel efficient fleet. In 2012 United ordered 150 new Boeing 737 narrow- body aircraft powered by fuel efficient engines.

United is committed to environmental sustainability with it’s Eco- Skies Program.
Some highlights:

  • Operated the first U.S. passenger bio-fuel flight
  • Provided $50,000 grants to 10 local environmental organizations 
  • Over the last six years, United recycled over 20 million pounds of cans, paper and plastic from flights and at their facilities
Find out more about United’s environmentally friendly initiatives HERE.