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Lufthansa- Assemble Your Own 747-8 & Win 2 Tickets

a plane with text on it
On the new Lufthansa website you can put together your own virtual Boeing 747-8 (the latest generation of the new jumbo) from digital 3-D components.
This sounds similar to a really neat site Boeing had a while back where you could Design Your Own Dreamliner which was addicting and lots of fun!
By registering on the Lufthansa 747-8 site you will have an opportunity to win 2 tickets to fly on the new 747-8 and some other prizes!
All participants that complete the virtual machine will have a chance to win:
  • Two tickets for a flight on the new jumbo
  • One of two exclusive, limited edition 747-8 chronograph watches
  • Bath Towel
  • Coffee Mug
Some Rules:
  • Entry available to anyone 18 and over
  • Not open to participants from Italy
  • Competition ends 6/1/12

 Enter the contest and build your Lufthansa 747-8 HERE

Dreamliner Jet Draws 787 & Boeing Logo Across Sky

a map with green lines and numbers image

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner taking a 19 hour test flight across North America drew the numbers 787 followed by the company logo across several thousand miles of sky.
The numbers and logo were not visible from the ground but could be seen in the flight plans.

Check out the Yahoo story here
Check out the story on Gizmodo here

Star Alliance: ANA Dreamliner Photos Added To Facebook

a plane taking off from a runway

Star Alliance added some great pictures of the ANA Dreamliner from Saturday January 21 2012 as it saw the first passenger long haul flight from Tokyo to Frankfurt. Some photos are from a ceremony held at Frankfurt Airport celebrating the Dreamliner’s first departure back to Japan.

Here are a few of the photos:

a plane flying in the sky
a model airplane with a bow
I’d love one of these models
a cake with a sign on it
a jet plane on a runway

To check out the full album, click here

***All  photos in this post are from the Star Alliance Facebook Album***

Design Your Own Dreamliner

How would you like to design your own Boeing Dreamliner?

Designing the Dreamliner is a lot of fun and can be addicting!
The site gives you a 360 degree view of the plane which is really neat.
You can choose different colors, use paintbrushes, add various Boeing graphics & add text to customize your Dreamliner. You can also change the background for the page.

a white airplane in the sky

When you are done designing your Dreamliner, you can add your creation to the gallery. All submissions are subject to approval & require a minimum 24 hours to post.

If you want to try designing your own plane, go to Design Your Own Dreamliner

***Thanks to member Switch2 on Milepoint for posting the link***