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Expandable & Collapsible Luggage

a stack of red luggage
Road Warrior M Series

USA Today posted a short article about some exciting, new luggage shown at the 2012 Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas. Collapsible and expandable luggage brought the greatest interest and also won awards at the show.

Here are the winners:

The luggage listed above range in price from $199-$600
a person holding a suitcase
Samsonite Compressor
I usually travel with a backpack to keep my hands free but these new wheelie bags definitely interest me. I am actually in the market for a new carry-on wheelie. I recently bought a new bag that I need to return due to it being way too small.
A big issue for me (and I am sure many others) when it comes to luggage is storage. These new pieces definitely help with that issue due to how they collapse.

I am most interested in the Road Warrior M Series. I love how the bag collapses to half it’s size. While this feature looks amazing, I am curious to know how the quality of the bag itself is. Not much is know about the company and this is a brand new product.

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