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A Wrong Turn And An Airplane

Over the weekend, Kim, Lucas and I were heading for lunch after running some errands. We weren’t quite sure where the restaurant was and I ended up turning the wrong direction. 

I didn’t drive more than a half block before Kim told me to look up on the right. When I looked, I saw a really amazing sign of an airplane flying out of a building. 

The sign was for a travel agency.

I had to stop to get a few photos. I pulled over to let the cars behind me get by while Kim took a couple of shots (including the second one in the post) before the light changed back to green. 

I needed to get another look and decided to come back around on the other side of the street to get some more photos.

A wrong turn ended up becoming a fun photo-op thanks to Kim spotting the plane sign!

A Video Any Airplane Nut Is Going To Love

I read about this video put together by Channel 9News Denver. It aired a few days ago.
The reporter introduces the video saying that chief photographer Eric Kehe was given “unprecedented access to the runways of Denver International Airport by airport managers…”

The video shows some amazing shot of airplanes moving around the airport and lots of takeoffs & landings, many with the Rocky Mountains in the background.
Take a look: