A Wrong Turn And An Airplane

a group of cars parked in front of a building

Over the weekend, Kim, Lucas and I were heading for lunch after running some errands. We weren’t quite sure where the restaurant was and I ended up turning the wrong direction. 

I didn’t drive more than a half block before Kim told me to look up on the right. When I looked, I saw a really amazing sign of an airplane flying out of a building. 

The sign was for a travel agency.

a building with a sign above it
I had to stop to get a few photos. I pulled over to let the cars behind me get by while Kim took a couple of shots (including the second one in the post) before the light changed back to green. 

I needed to get another look and decided to come back around on the other side of the street to get some more photos.
a large airplane on the side of a building
a sign on the side of a building

A wrong turn ended up becoming a fun photo-op thanks to Kim spotting the plane sign!

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