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A Unique Luggage Tag

a white tag with a black cord
While attending the New York Times Travel Show the giveaways were definitely underwhelming. 
However there was one thing that really stood out. I was given this interesting luggage tag from airberlin. At the show I tossed it in my bag initially thinking nothing more of it
When I got home I went through my bag to check out the brochures and little trinkets I had received. As I had remembered the bag was full of junk. Once again I came across my airberlin luggage tag. This time I took a better look at it and noticed that it was really different. The luggage tag was shaped to look like a roll aboard luggage bag! The tag slides open which is where you write your personal information.
I won’t be using the tag since the plastic “handle” holding the strap is really thin and I think that it would break pretty fast.
I wonder what other interesting and unique luggage tags are out there?