Cheap Michelin Starred Restaurants I’d Like To Try In NYC

Michelin starred

When I think of Michelin starred restaurants, the first thing that comes to mind is pricey and fancy.

During the pandemic, we got to dine at and do takeout from Michelin Starred Momofuku Ko, primarily for pizza! Other restaurants we’ve eaten at with the prestigious designation are Meadowsweet, Peter Luger Steak House and probably a few others I can’t think of right now…

TimeOut recently wrote how NYC is home to three of the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurants in the US.

Here are the restaurants that made the list:

  • The Clocktower: British food by Madison Square Park in Manhattan, you can get a $39 three-course menu. To get the most affordable option, you’ll need to stop by for brunch.
  • Oxalis: near Prospect Park in Brooklyn, get a $40 prixe fixe for brunch which includes an egg dish, a starch, a vegetable or a salad and a dessert.
  • Casa Enrique: a Mexican restaurant in Long Island City where you can get a meal for under $50 per person.

I’d love to check out all three of these Michelin starred “cheap eats”. However, I can most likely see going to Oxalis since it’s located in Brooklyn not too far from home.

Find out more about these cheap Michelin starred restaurants from TimeOut here.

One thought on “Cheap Michelin Starred Restaurants I’d Like To Try In NYC

  1. Michelin’s 1-star rating is such a convoluted one, in my opinion. Restaurants included in it run the gamut from pricy, elegant tasting menu restaurants to short-term pop-ups – and that’s just the California list.

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