Oops: Britney Spears Runs Out Of Gas On California Highway

Britney Spears
image: wikicommons

The Princess of Pop, Britney Spears needed assistance from the police a couple of days back when her car ran out of gas in California on a highway.

People.com reports that Britney “was driving on US-101 in a white Mercedes when the car ran out of gas, blocking the highway’s third lane of traffic.”

California Highway Patrol got a call regarding a stalled car at around 10:00PM and responded to the scene “due to the dangerous time of night.” When they arrived, Britney was sitting in the back of another driver’s car in the second lane of traffic next to her car.

She let the officers know that her car ran out of gas and then got back in the car as an officers steered her car off the road to a safe spot. Britney thanked the officers for her help and they waited with her “until private assistance arrived.”

Her husband, Sam Asghari showed up a short time later. There’s no mention of whether he brought gas for her car or just drove her home.

This could be the basis of a new Britney Spears album, Oops I didn’t Put Gas In My Car…

Find out more from People.com here.

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