Is A $100 Voucher Fair Compensation For A 2.5 Hour Flight Delay?

Flight Delay
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A few months back, I was flying home from Florida with my kids with Southwest Airlines.

I got a notification that there was a flight delay on our connecting flight which would now get us home around 2.5 hours later than expected.

When our first flight landed, I called Southwest to get some info regarding the situation with our connecting flight. The airline was experiencing high call volume (or something along those lines) so I selected the option to get a call back rather than stay on hold.

Around 30-40 minutes later I received a call back. The only information the rep could share was that there was a mechanical issue and that a new plane was being sent. When I asked about compensation, I was told to ask the Southwest reps at the gate.

After a quick bite, we headed to the gate and when we approached the agents,  I didn’t even get a chance to ask about compensation. As I was about to ask, the agents apologized for the delay and said everyone would be getting $100 Southwest vouchers.

I was flying with two kids so this meant that we’d be getting three $100 vouchers. Even more appealing was that I was told the vouchers could be combined. They also didn’t need to  be redeemed by the passenger it was given to!

Is this fair compensation?

While I would’ve preferred getting home on time, $300 in vouchers doesn’t sound like a bad deal for a flight which I paid $452.88 for (roundtrip)!

In the end, we made the best of our extra time in the airport and now have some vouchers to use towards a future flight…

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