Top US Destinations That Feel Like Europe According To Lonely Planet

Lonely PlanetEurope is a very popular holiday destination for Americans.

We love visiting Europe and went on a month-long trip around the Balkans this past summer. During the trip, we all reached a different travel milestone.

Theo made it to his 40th country, Lucas to his 70th and Kim reached her 100th country! As for me, I finished visiting every country in Europe although there’s still a ton more to see.

For those of you who’d rather stay home, Lonely Planet shares Top Destinations in the USA that feel like they’re in Europe in 2022.

Here are the US destinations that Lonely Planet picked to visit this year.

  • Bavaria Germany- Leavenworth, Washington
  • Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast- California’s Pacific Coast Highway
  • French Riviera- Newport, Rhode Island
  • Spain- St. Augustine, Florida
  • Switzerland- Ouray, Colorado
  • Tuscany, Italy- Sonoma County, California
  • France and Spain- New Orleans, Louisiana

Obviously the best way to visit is to go to Europe. Regardless, I think Lonely Planet made some interesting picks to get that European feel at home.

If I could pick one destination to check out (which we haven’t yet visited), I’d definitely head to Leavenworth, Washington. We were close to visiting around 7-8 years back to attend their Oktoberfest but it didn’t work out.

Where would you like to go?

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