40,000 Miles + Tax To Croatia (RT), A Deal Too Good To Pass Up!

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Last month, I wrote how Croatia was reopening to travelers which made it a serious contender for our August summer trip.

When United announced that they would be starting non stop flights to the country, it became an even better option for us.

I started searching and keeping an eye on award flights from Newark to Dubrovnik soon after. Awards flights were available for 60,000 miles roundtrip plus tax. The dates we were considering were available.

Everything seemed to be aligning to make this trip happen. However, I wanted to wait a bit longer to book.

If we visit Croatia, we’re also hoping to get to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Slovenia. (By visiting these four countries, I will complete visiting every European country!)

Just last night, I checked on flight availability and was happy to see that the flights were still available.

Fast forward to today… United Airlines sent out an e-mail about saving on summer travel to celebrate 40 years. Select international flights could be booked for just 40,000 miles roundtrip, today only!

The plan was to search for the flight and book immediately when I got home from work.

The Michael W Travels family has four members so this one day United sale would mean that I’d need 160,000 miles to book the flight. The only problem was that my account had a touch over 150,000 miles.

Luckily, Chase Ultimate Rewards transfer instantly to United so I set up a transfer for 10,000 UR as I searched for the Newark- Dubrovnik flight.

The plan worked beautifully and I was able to book a flight which I had planned to spend 240,000 miles on for just 160,000 miles + tax!

Final Thoughts:

This is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. If I were to pay for the flight with cash, it would’ve cost around $1,139 per person. This would come to $4.552.60 for the four of us. At that price, I don’t think the trip would be a real possibility.

In the end, the total cost for our summer award flight to Croatia cost 160,000 miles and $181.80.

Talk about an awesome Thursday surprise from United!

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