30,000 Wyndham Points Expiring, So I Booked This…

Wyndham PointsI recently had to make a very tough decision. I had a little over 30,000 Wyndham Points expiring and they were of no use for any upcoming trips.

I could try to extend the expiration, book a room for a future date or lose the points.

Frequent Miler wrote a post regarding how he saved his Wyndham Points from expiry. I wasn’t interested in going that route, so I decided to make a booking.

One of favorite cities to visit close to home (up to around 2 hours away) is Philadelphia. We try to visit there a couple of times per year.

I looked to see what kind of room availability Wyndham had and I was pretty happy with our options.

I decided to book a one-night stay for us at the Days Inn Wyndham Philadelphia Convention Center.

The hotel is in a good location, walkable to plenty of things of interest but was it a good deal?

We booked a one-night stay for 30,000 Wyndham points. If I booked the room on the same dates, it would cost $302.82 + tax.Wyndham PointsWith tax, the cost of the room would come to $352.37!

I’m pretty happy with this kind of value for my remaining Wyndham points.

While I would’ve liked to use the points towards a trip and not created another little trip, we’re definitely excited to head back to Philadelphia soon!

What do you think of this booking? Deal or no deal? Would you have tried to extend your points expiration date or made a future booking like we decided to do?

One thought on “30,000 Wyndham Points Expiring, So I Booked This…

  1. I hate having to “force” trips. I might have transferred the 30K points to Caesar Rewards getting a $300 value towards anything put on a room bill. Just remember CR has a six month expiration, but you can do a SAYANDPLAY survey and extend those.

    I would judge whether you got a good deal by how much you enjoyed the trip. The cash rate doesn’t mean too much to me, especially if I never would have been willing to paid it.

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