Flip’d, the IHOP Fast Casual Concept Opens In NYC

IHOPIn early 2020, I wrote about Flip’d, a fast casual concept which IHOP planned to open.

I haven’t heard or thought about Flip’d much since then until recently. I knew one location of the shop had opened but didn’t hear anything about the proposed NYC shop.

A couple of days back, Eater reported that, “Fast-Casual IHOP Spinoff Selling To-Go Bowls of Pancakes Debuts in NYC.

The new location opened on December 15 in Flatiron at 110 East 23rd Street, close to Park Avenue South. The shop is open everyday from 7AM to 10PM.

At Flip’d, you won’t order from waitstaff, ordering is done at kiosks.

Eater mentions that, “the main focus here are to-go pancake bowls, as well as breakfast sandwiches, burgers, and more“.

While I’m not a big breakfast person, my kids love pancakes and waffles. We don’t go to IHOP frequently but I could definitely see my kids enjoying a quick breakfast at Flip’d on occasion. Too bad the NYC location wasn’t located a little closer to home!

Find out more about Flip’d by IHOP from Eater here.

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