Make Your Road Trip Much More Enjoyable With Saucemoto!

Road TripWhen you go on a road trip, the chances are pretty high that you’ll be eating in your car from time to time.

There are some foods and snacks that are easy to eat while driving, namely those which have little chance of making a big mess. However, when it comes to fast food, I find it hard to enjoy eating in the car since there’s no where to put the sauces.

Thanks to Shark Tank, I came across a really smart product- Saucemoto!

Saucemoto is a dip clip, which “is essentially a cup-holder for your fast food sauces and ketchup.”

While Saucemoto originally aired on Shark tank around two years back, I didn’t purchase the item until a few months ago. (Thanks Amazon for the suggestion!)
The dip clip easily attaches to your car’s AC vent and can hold sauces of all different sizes (depending on which direction you place it in the holder). If you have sauce packets, those can get squeezed into the included cup.Saucemoto comes in red, black and gray. I went with red since that reminds me of what’s probably the most popular sauce, ketchup!A two-pack of Saucemoto goes for $9.75 if you buy it direct from the company. I purchased mine from Amazon and paid $8.36. (The price is currently higher…) I’d say shop around if you want to buy a set.

(If you use lots of sauces while driving or dining in your car, Saucemoto is also available in larger packs.)

Final Thoughts:

I highly recommend purchasing Saucemoto to help elevate your road trip dining experiences. This simple item is pure genius. Dipping foods in sauces while in your car will never be the same!

Find out more about Saucemoto here.

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