Next Summer You’ll Need To Book In Advance & Pay Fees To Visit Venice

VeniceVenice is one of the most popular places to visit in Italy thanks in part to its uniqueness from the canals.

An overabundance of tourists is one downfall of Venice’s popularity, making things difficult for locals . T+L mentions that “thousands of locals were leaving the city, pushed out by throngs of tourists and increasing rent prices.”

To help limit the damage from over-tourism, next summer, you’ll need to book tickets in advance and pay a fee to enter Venice.

The costs will vary depending on what season you visit. During the high season, it will cost up to $12 to visit, during low season it will be around $3.50.

The fees don’t really sound so bad or unreasonable, a bigger issue will be getting into the city due to “strict daily tourist capacity limits.”

There’s one way around the fees and the worry of not getting inside the city. If you book a stay at a Venice hotel, you won’t have to pay. Residents, their relatives and children under 6 years old will also be exempt.

While I’m pretty sure nobody likes added fees (and obstacles) to visit a city when traveling, these new rules should be a good thing for Venice. Better to have a limited number of people visit the city each day rather than destroy it with over-tourism.

What do you think?

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