Ashton Kutcher Sold Seat On Virgin Galactic Back To Company

Ashton KutcherBack in 2012, Ashton Kutcher bought a seat to fly on a future flight into space with Virgin Galactic.

Last Sunday, “Richard Branson and five others reached the edge of space with a suborbital flight.” Kutcher should’ve had a spot on the next Virgin Galactic flight but he decided to sell his spot for a very good reason.

Since first buying his spot on the future Virgin Galactic flight, Ashton Kutcher married Mila Kunis. Kutcher told Cheddar News that when he got married and had kids, Kunis didn’t feel it was a smart idea for him to head into space, encouraging him not to.

Due to this, he made the decision to give up his spot, selling it back to Virgin Galactic. However, in the same interview, Kutcher said that at some point he will be going to space!

The cost for the flight isn’t chump change. A seat on Virgin Galactic cost around $200,000 when purchased back in 2012.

While it would be pretty cool to fly to space, it’s a bit pricey for my budget. I’d also have to agree with Mila Kunis in feeling it’s probably not the smartest thing to do, especially if you have young kids at home.

Find out more from Yahoo about about why Ashton Kutcher sold his spot to space here.

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