Big News: Free Samples Are Coming Back To Costco Stores!

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While I am not a member of Costco, I do like to visit the massive store one or two times per year.

Non-members can shop at Costco by going with a friend or family member, that’s what I do. While at the store, besides buying overly large sized packages of some foods and snacks, there is one other thing that stands out. It might even be considered the highlight of the visit.

While wandering around Costco, it’s always fun to get a bunch of samples. If you’re a real go getter, you can probably eat enough to cover a meal.

Due to the pandemic, samples haven’t been offered at the big box store in 14 months.

Grub Street reports, “starting this week, about 170 Costcos are bringing back the full sampling experience; by the end of the month, samples should be back in full swing at all 548 stores.”

Not to be outdone, Sam’s Club announced that they would also be bringing back samples this week but only on weekends.

I haven’t been to Costco in a few months, it might be time for another visit soon!

Find out more from Grub Street here.

3 thoughts on “Big News: Free Samples Are Coming Back To Costco Stores!

  1. Great timing. I was just in the Humble (Houston), TX Costco yesterday and the ladies were tripping over each other to give out the food. One lady asked me if I wanted the whole tray (they were just little cups of feta cheese)

  2. Great. Nothing worse than trying to get through a Costco on a busy day with hoards of folks loitering around the sample stations and blocking the aisles with carts like starved prisoners at feeding time. So we ALL wait together for 1-inch squares of frozen pizza to come out of the toaster oven when all I wanted was a package of bacon and some milk so I can go checkout.
    I know this sounds negative but it’s not something I miss. Sure I enjoy a free pixie cup of seaweed chips as much as the next person but couldn’t they just put all that in the food court.
    I would also assume that any location offering samples isn’t going to require mask or social distancing in the store?


  3. Personally the free food samples was the main reason I quit Costco. The delays trying to maneuver past the crowds gathering for a free bite or two (and then seconds) added way too much time and irritation to the trip. I’d rather get out quicker and buy my own lunch or whatever.

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