Deal or No Deal: Free 8ct Chick-fil-A Nuggets From Uber Eats w $10 Purch

Chick-fil-AChick-fil-A is probably our favorite fast food restaurant due to their excellent chicken sandwich, nuggets, mac & cheese and delicious sauces.

A little less than six years back I visited the original Chick-fil-A: Dwarf House during a trip to Atlanta.

Uber Eats is currently running a promo where you can get a FREE 8 count of Chick-fil-A nuggets for a limited time. To get the free nuggets, you’ll need to make a delivery order of $10 or more.

No promo code is needed to get the promo, all you need to do is add an 8 ct Chick-Fil-A nuggets to your order of $10 or more. According to the T&Cs, The offer will automatically be applied- no code is necessary. Limit is one redemption per customer.

The offer expires at 11:59pm PT on 4/26/2021.

This sounds like a great deal but I’m not so sure that it actually is. Uber Eats charges a higher price for items than the restaurants do at times. They also charge a variety of fees which can add up.

For instance, if we were to purchase an 8 count of nuggets, they would cost $7.15 from Uber Eats and $5.49 through the Chick-fil app. One of their excellent chicken sandwiches costs $5.29 ordering directly, $6.55 through Uber Eats. (Prices vary by location. The Brooklyn Chick-fil-A is pricey!)

Final Thoughts:

To see if this offer is really worth redeeming,  I made dummy orders on both apps. I placed two original chicken sandwiches and one 8 count of nuggets in the cart.

On Uber Eats, with the promo, the total came to $18.54 ($0.49 delivery fee and $3.13 service fee). Ordering directly through Chick-fil-A, the order came to $16.07.

As you can see from the final prices, unless you need your order delivered, there is really no deal from Uber Eats. I’ll pass.

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