180 Day Oceania Cruises World Cruise Sells Out In One Day!

Oceania Cruises
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The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the cruise industry with many ships sitting still for months due to safety concerns.

While I’m not a fan of cruises, the idea of being stuck on a ship during the pandemic sounds like a really bad idea.

Oceania Cruises offered a 180-day world cruise for sale on January 27 and the trip sold out in just one day! The cruise is will set sail in 2023.

While the 6 month Oceania Cruises won’t be departing for two years, people are clearly itching to step foot on a ship again.

The ship will depart from San Francisco, CA on January 15, 2023 which will take them to 96 ports in 33 countries located on four continents. That’s a lot of stops to make along the way! They’ll also get to visit over 60 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and spend three days in Antarctica.

The cruise definitely sounds like an interesting trip and it doesn’t come cheap. Fares start at $41,599 per person.

What’s even more surprising that the length of the cruise and how quickly it sold out is that 20% of the guests who booked the Oceania Cruises World Cruise opted to extend the trip to a longer 218 day trip!

Would you be interested in taking a six-month long cruise? While it does sound like you see a lot, I’ll pass.

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3 thoughts on “180 Day Oceania Cruises World Cruise Sells Out In One Day!

  1. Oceania’s around the world cruise is definitely on my bucket list. I can even muse on this cruise map for ever! Money is not much big a deal than time. Guess have to wait until retirement …

  2. Have you ever taken a world cruise? I have …3 times and we are booked for 2022 & 2023.
    You get to see the world and only unpack once and everything is taken care for you. It is wonderful.

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