Climbers Fake Ascent Of Mount Everest, Banned by Nepal

Mount EverestOne of the highlights of our trip to South Asia a couple of summers back was flying to Mount Everest with Yeti Airlines Everest Express.

This was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up and probably the closest we’ll get to Mount Everest unless we (hopefully) do the trek to basecamp in the future.

Two Indian climbers did a big no no and are now banned from mountaineering in Nepal in the future.

The climbers, Narender Singh Yadav and Seema Rani Goswami “faked their summit of Mount Everest,” according to the New York Post.

The alleged reaching of the summit of Mount Everest took place back in 2016. It took four years for the truth to come out and now the climbers are banned for six years.

The pair duped Nepalese tourism officials by doctoring photos of themselves at the summit which then were submitted as evidence. Nepal’s Ministry of Tourism then certified that they had completed the grueling feat.

The best part is that fellow moutaineers pointed out that the submitted images were probably altered when Yadav was up for India’s Tenzing Norgay Adventure Award. Due to this, Nepal’s Tourism Ministry started an investigation which showed that the duo had lied and never really reached the summit!

Besides the climber’s six year ban, their lead guide, Naba Phukon was also banned from mountaineering in Nepal for six years. Phukon later on admitted that they “had turned around before reaching the top due to problems with oxygen tanks and frostbite“.

In the end, lying and cheating doesn’t pay and I’m glad that these two were caught.

Find out more from the New York Post here.

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