Question: Why Do Hotels Place The Toilet Paper Holder Here?

Toilet Paper HolderOver winter break, we spent a night at the Kimpton Palomar in Philadelphia. While checking in, we used the Kimpton Secret Password!

We enjoyed our stay, but it reminded me of a question I’ve had while away from home.

Why do hotels often place the toilet paper holder in such hard to reach places?

While this might not be a big issue, it can be a major problem for kids.While my 8-year old Lucas was taking care of business, he suddenly screamed out “Mommy help.” He was perfectly safe but he had a major problem! He couldn’t reach the toilet paper!

When I heard the issue, I couldn’t help but start laughing but I did feel for him. The toilet paper holder was mounted in an awkward spot, even for an adult to reach.

I have a suggestion for the hotel.While the towel bar below the sink might not be intended to hold a roll of toilet paper, I’d think there’s got to be a way to make part of the space work for it.

And no, this isn’t a Kimpton issue, we’ve noticed awkwardly placed toilet paper placement in a variety of hotels.

6 thoughts on “Question: Why Do Hotels Place The Toilet Paper Holder Here?

  1. Maybe it’s just to make sure you flush the toilet since the toilet paper is close by (just a wild guess from your picture)

  2. This ought to be the dumbest article I have read in the longest time. Many people wish they would have your problems. This is tone deaf to say the least. If your eight year old has to call his mommy for help with reaching toilet paper you may want to consider having his motoric skills evaluated.

  3. George- Could be but I’d hope that everyone remembers to always flush! lol!!!

    Jitka- Sorry you feel that way. Not everything has to be so serious and doom & gloom. BTW- there is nothing wrong with my son, his arms weren’t long enough to reach. Maybe you’re the tone deaf person with your rude comment.

  4. Toilet paper is usually mounted on the wall in the US but the layout does not have a wall in a convenient spot. Since you are aware of the problem, simply put an unmounted roll under the sink or on the ledge of the tub if the tub is not wet.

  5. So what exactly is the problem with that Spot? At least I stand up ro clean my a** after using a toilet and have never had a problem with that….

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