Find Out What We Got For Saying The Kimpton Secret Password

Kimpton Secret PasswordA couple of days back we spent a night at the Kimpton Hotel Palomar Philadelphia. I’ve wanted to check out this property for quite some time so I was definitely excited for the visit.

Before checking in, I told Lucas the new Kimpton Secret Password and told him not to forget it. He took this job very seriously, even asking Kim to make a note of it in her phone!

(For those of you not too familiar with the Kimpton Secret Password, here’s a short explanation: The brand has a secret password in the winter and summer which gets announced on social media. When you say the secret password at check-in, you’ll get a surprise. What you get varies from property to property.)

The current Kimpton Secret Password is Lift Your Spirits, which is good until Valentine’s Day.

While checking-in at the Palomar, I reminded Lucas to mention the secret password. He was excited to see what we’d get!a shelf with bottles and spices on itThe friendly staff member at the front desk went over a list of surprises we could choose from. We were offered a small bottle of wine or a choice of other liquor, a free movie pass, $10 dining credit  or late check out (which I already get for having status/the credit card).

We debated what to pick. The $10 dining credit was pretty much useless since the hotel restaurant was closed. We couldn’t really get much for $10, basically gummy bears or beef jerky.

I asked Lucas if he wanted gummy bears and he was like nah, you and Mommy should just get a drink. Good boy! a bottle of alcohol on a tableThere was one drink option which I was eyeing and that became our choice. After grabbing us a cold bottle, the woman who was checking us in surprised us and said “you know what, I’m also giving you the free movie!”

This was pretty awesome, a drink for Kim & I and a free movie for the kids!a bottle of alcohol with a black capSince you cannot currently dine indoors in Philly, we picked up some food and brought it back to the room. The Palomar branded Boyd & Blair Iced Tea & Lemonade with Vodka went well with our meal. At $22 for the bottle, I can’t say that I’d buy it but it was a very nice Kimpton Secret Password surprise!a movie voucher and a movie voucherI wasn’t sure if the free movie certificate would be used but Lucas quickly found a movie that he’d been wanting to see.a screen shot of a computerWhile I barely paid attention to Onward, Lucas loved it and Kim watched most of it, too. Theo watched about half of it then got bored of it and went back to playing on his iPad.

A movie rental at the hotel costs $19.99 + tax. No, I’d never pay this but it was a real treat and made the hotel stay feel even more special to Lucas. (He asked what movie we were going to watch the following evening at another hotel!)

Final Thoughts:

In the end, we were happy with our surprised for saying the Kimpton Secret Password! I love how stays with the brand feel extra special thanks in part to quirky little gestures provided by saying some secret words!

The Kimpton Hotel Palomar is located at 117 South 17th Street at Sansom in Philadelphia.

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  1. I got an insulated coffee cup in a beautiful shade of blue and a set of metal straws and cleaning brush in the cloth bag from Kimpton Mai-Lai Bangkok. The coffee cup has their logo.

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