GoSun Flatware: Awesome, Compact Travel Utensils!

GoSunI recently received an e-mail about an interesting travel product.

GoSun Flatware is super-compact travel utensils which fit into a case just a bit thicker than a credit card! I was curious to give this item a try and happy to receive a set to test out.

Here are my thoughts on GoSun Flatware:a close up of a labelThe packaging touts the item as a Reusable Fork, Spoon & Case. GoSun mentions that on average, 322 plastic utensils are used by each American per year. This product can definitely help to stop the use & waste caused by plastic since it is reusable.
a black and blue cardAccording to GoSun, the flatware is also durable, dishwasher safe and wallet-sized.

I was immediately impressed by how just how small the package was. This is a great item to toss into the front pocket of a backpack, in a purse or to even just leave in your car.

I could see this item being a great item for road trips, backpacking and camping.a close up of a cardHere’s what the flatware looks like when you open the case.a black and silver caseThe fork and spook each pop out from the bottom of the case.a black case with a black coverYou don’t have to actually take the pieces apart (you’d probably want to for washing), the pieces slide into position pretty easily.

I tested the utensils out while eating a couple of meals. I found them to get the job done but I wouldn’t consider them to be quite as comfortable as eating with traditional utensils or even plastic ones.GoSunThe fork and spoon are both pretty flat. This isn’t surprising considering just how compact they are.

The fork works just fine but you probably wouldn’t find me eating soup or cereal with the included spoon unless it was the only option I had. It just doesn’t hold much.The spoon also has a slightly serrated edge which can help with cutting.

Final Thoughts:

GoSun Flatware is an interesting travel product. At $24 for a set, it’s a bit pricey but not a crazy price to pay. I see this as a good gift for the traveler in your life.

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