Sweet Bonus Offer For Hilton Honors Amex Card I Don’t Have Anymore…

Hilton HonorsA couple of days back, I received a very generous bonus offer for the Hilton Honors American Express card.

However, there was one very big problem… I DO NOT have a Hilton Honors American Express card anymore!

With the offer, I could’ve earn 5,000 bonus Hilton Honors points after making just one eligible purchase with the card.

This could’ve possibly been the easiest 5,000 points earned considering no minimum purchase was required. (No enrollment for the offer was necessary either.)

The offer was sent by Hilton to show their gratitude this holiday season. Thanks a lot!

Just an FYI, if you received this offer, to earn the bonus, a purchase must be made by November 30, 2020.

I am trying to figure out why I would’ve received an offer for a card I no longer have. It really doesn’t make sense!

5 thoughts on “Sweet Bonus Offer For Hilton Honors Amex Card I Don’t Have Anymore…

  1. I saw this offer also and made the purchase but haven’t been credited yet. Thanks for posting! I couldn’t remember where I saw the offer. I can’t find in my email. How did you receive it? Thanks!

    1. Michael – how did you receive this offer? I remember seeing it but can’t find in my email. Was it a mailer? Thx Mike

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