MTA Employees Caught Having Secret Man Cave In Grand Central

man cave
image: Pixabay

Three MTA employees were caught ┬áhaving a secret man cave below a platform in NYC’s Grand Central Station!

NBC News reports that the man cave was located “below Track [which] 114 was hidden behind a locked door inside a larger storage room.”

The storage room turned man cave was well appointed with a TV, exercise equipment, a futon, fridge, microwave and beds!

In photos from the MTA Office of the Inspector General, you can see that some of the amenities are hidden inside of their own wooden cabinets. One photo shows an open beer inside the refrigerator.

Investigators were told by station management that they didn’t even know the room existed and “Metro-North’s security manager did not have a working key for the room.”

So far, three employees have been suspended without pay until their disciplinary cases are resolved. The employees are a wireman, carpenter foreman and electrical foreman.

The inspector general’s office started its own probe over a year back after receiving anonymous complaints. They also said that Metro-North Security did not take any action to investigate after receiving a complaint about the man cave.

Due to the report of the man cave, Metro-North will be working on mapping all of the rooms at Grand Central including how they’re locked.

Find out more from NBC News here.

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