Face Masks With Valves Banned By United Airlines

United Airlines
image: aero-shots

Thanks to COVID-19, face masks are a necessary accessory.

It’s now mandatory to wear face masks in stores, restaurants and while flying. (We’ve yet to fly since the pandemic began.)

Like a few other airlines, United Airlines has a new rule pertaining to what kind of face masks are allowed to be worn during flights.

Starting on Friday, August 7, United Airlines will ban passengers from flying with face masks which have built-in exhaust valves.

Fox News reports that, “face masks and any other protective face covering that have an opening or vent near the nose or mouth area will not be allowed on United’s planes or terminals it serves in more than 360 airports around the globe, and it will apply to both customers and United employees“.

United changed it’s face mask policy yesterday, the same day that Jetblue also announced the ban on face masks with valves. Delta was ahead of United and Jetblue, announcing the ban on masks with valves last week.

For passengers on United who don’t have an approved face mask, the airline will provide a disposable one free of charge.

Face masks are an inconvenience and not very comfortable but if it helps stop the spread of COVID-19, it’s something we should all be wearing in public. Find out about my preferred choice of face covering here.

Find out more about the United Airlines face mask valve ban here.

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