Coming In September: McDonald’s Spicy McNuggets!

McNuggetsWhile I rarely eat McDonald’s, it’s a must visit when visiting new countries. It’s also a treat for my kids whether its at home or while on the road.

My almost four-year old Theo loves McDonald’s McNuggets. I’ll prefer that he’d eat ‘real’ chicken tenders (which he will) but the kid can pound like 10 McNuggets in a sitting.

Regardless, I find it exciting when the Golden Arches offers new menu items!

In the middle of September, a new McNuggets variety will be available. The chain will be offering Spicy McNuggets!

McDonald’s says that the nuggets will offer just the right amount of heat. They’ll be seasoned with cayenne and chili peppers. If that heat isn’t enough for you, you can dip them in the new Mighty Hot Sauce!

Spicy chicken sandwiches are very popular at fast food restaurants. I am not a fan of the Popeyes spicy sandwich but the Wendy’s variety is a solid pick. One of these days I’ll give the Chic-fil-A spicy chicken a try.

There’s no shot that my little man Theo will be giving the new Spicy McNuggets a try but out of curiosity, I plan to give them a try.

The new nuggets will debut on September 16, 2020.

Are you interested in giving them a try?

Find out more about the new McDonald’s Spicy McNuggets here.

3 thoughts on “Coming In September: McDonald’s Spicy McNuggets!

  1. Wow! Talk about writing about nothing. Best not to write at all if this is your offering. McDonald’s a “must visit”? You don’t have much excitement in your travel.

  2. I have tried all the spicy chicken sandwiches, and the one from chik fila is hand down the best one. Your should definitely give it a try!

  3. Fathiss- Nothing to you but something to those who read it. I am sorry that you are so angry. Yes, visiting international McD’s are musts for me to see what special menu items are offered. If you’re not interested, go read elsewhere. SMH

    PL- Great to hear! Definitely going to give the Chic-fil-A spicy a try.

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