Entire Staff Of Elmhurst Hospital Getting FREE TRIPS From AA & Hyatt

Elmhurst HospitalThrough all of the tragedy and hardships caused by COVID-19, it’s been nice to read about those trying to help out.

One of the first things that comes to mind is Pizza VS Pandemic from Slice Out Hunger. It’s a way to donate to keep small businesses going while also feeding care workers. There’s also been lots of companies pitching in by making and donating masks and other protective gear.

A couple of days back I wrote how JetBlue was giving away 100,000 roundtrip flights to healthcare heroes.  (Check out my post how you can nominate your healthcare heroes for a shot at winning a free flight.)

Yesterday I read about another airline that was going to be honoring a group of health heroes.

Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, NY is one of the hardest hit hospitals when it comes to COVID-19 cases. ABC7.com reports, “Coronavirus News: Elmhurst Hospital staff surprised with free vacations.

The whole staff of the hospital, around 4,000 people, will receive free trips from American Airlines and Hyatt!

The generous gift was announced during a weekly conference call in which the hospital’s staff was joined by the heads of American Airlines and Hyatt.

It was nice to hear that it wasn’t only the doctors and nurses being recognized. Physician assistants, facilities and food service workers will get to enjoy the free vacation as a “thanks for their service”.

The generous gifts will be three-night vacations which include priority roundtrip flights from American Airlines and hotel stays from Hyatt. The vacations can be taken to various destinations in the United States and the Caribbean.

This is just amazing! I’m not sure what else to say. Kudos to American Airlines and Hyatt on a generous gesture!

Find out more from ABC7.com here.

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