Awesome NYC Seasonal Burger & Ice Cream Stand Mister Dips Expanding

Mister DipsIn late 2016 I wrote a review of the seasonal burger and ice cream stand Mister Dips.

The stand is actually an Airstream trailer located at the William Vale Hotel (in Vale Park) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Mister Dips was created by restaurateur Andrew Carmellini, famous for restaurants like The Dutch and Lafayette. Both of those restaurants serve incredible burgers although they’re a bit pricer than what you’ll find at Vale Park!

When I first dined at Mister Dips, I said to Kim that the stand looked like a great option to expand and become a chain along the lines of Shake Shack. The stand serves excellent food and ice cream and also has fun branding.

A couple of days back I came across an article from Eater mentioning that “Hit Burger and Soft Serve Truck Mister Dips Is Opening a Permanent Seaport Spot.”

The upcoming Seaport location will have 30 seats. It will open in the Spring at 89 South Street.

The menu will feature items offered at the original location as well as some new menu items.

There will also be another permanent location opening in Detroit.

We’re all fans of Mister Dips so I hope that they eventually expand further. I’d love for there to be a permanent location in Brooklyn too!

Find out more from Eater here.

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