The SkyClip Can Make Flying Much More Entertaining

flyingMany airline have removed seat back screens from their planes for shorter flights, opting to go with a cheaper alternative.

Rather than have to deal with upkeep on the screens, they’ve given passengers the ability to stream content like movies and TV shows directly to their own devices when flying.

When I’m going on a trip, I also like to download a bunch of things from Netflix which I can then view offline.

While it’s nice to watch shows on your own device, it can be quite a pain having to hold it while also staring down into your lap. (Hello neck pain!)

Up until recently, I used to place my phone in a ziplock bag and then hang it from the clip for the tray table.

When I received an e-mail about an item called The SkyClip, I was interested in giving it a try.

The way The SkyClip works is simple. Open your tray table, and clip The SkyClip on and then close the tray table back up.
a seat belt with a blue clipDuring my American Airlines flight, when I gave The SkyClip a try, I needed to place the device a little off center so I could then lock the tray table back in place.a black rectangular object with white text on itI watched Netflix during the whole flight without issue and it was much more enjoyable than having to hold my iPhone in my hands.

I also briefly tested an iPad and the larger device fit very well, too.

When it’s time for meal or drink service, you can also place The SkyClip directly on the tray table. I found this worked well with my phone, no as much with the iPad.

Final Thoughts:

The SkyClip is a great way to make flying more comfortable and enjoyable while watching movies and TV shows on your own device. It’s lightweight, doesn’t take up much space and it’s something that I’d definitely recommend.

A two-pack of The SkyClip sells for $9.99-$10.99 depending on color. Find out more here.

Disclaimer: The SkyClip sent me a couple of samples to try out with no strings attached. All thoughts are my own and I do not receive any compensation for purchases made through the link above.

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