Sweet Deal? 50% Off Lyft Rides- Targeted Offer

LyftUber and Lyft frequently send out targeted offers to save some money on rides.

I’m an infrequent ride share user so I rarely get to take advantage of them.

In early June, Uber sent me an offer to save 50% off 5 rides. I ended up requesting an Uber for Kim to save her some money and also took advantage of the other 4 discounted rides while away in Baltimore.

Lyft recently sent me a 50% off 10 rides offer for having a 5 star rating. The deal is valid until July 16.

While these offers give 50% off, it isn’t exactly half price. The max savings with my current Lyft offer is $6 off per ride in the US. This can still be a pretty nice offer if you’ll be taking short rides.

Last night, we needed a ride home from JFK airport after our flight home from Iceland.

I tend to find Uber to be a better deal than Lyft most of the time. I priced the ride home with both ride shares and did end up going with Lyft but the savings wasn’t a big difference.

Uber is currently offering me 20% off. The ride home from JFK would’ve cost me $36.50. The cost with Lyft came to $35.24 so I went with them.

So in the end, 50% off with Lyft saved me $1.26 more than a 20% offer from Uber.

Do you notice once ride share to offer better prices than the other?

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