Do You Get Nervous When Renewing Your Passport?

passportMy passport is expiring in November so I’m renewing it by mail.

I needed to pay the expedited service fee ($60) due to timing of our Spring Break trip and upcoming summer trip to Iceland.

Renewing my passport makes me nervous for a couple of reasons.

Our next trip is at the end of June. Even with the expedited service, the processing time is estimated at 2-3 weeks. This gives me just enough time to get new passport back in time for the trip.

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the mailbox over the next few weeks…

Here’s the bigger reason that I get nervous when renewing my passport.

When you renew your passport, you’re required to send in your most recent one. I don’t know about you, but I love getting new stamps in my passport. I enjoy looking through it from time to time. As I look at the stamps, it also brings back memories from those trips.

My expired passports end up being irreplaceable, treasured souvenirs which I’d hate to not get back.

Do you get nervous when renewing your passport? If so, is it for the same reasons that I have?

13 thoughts on “Do You Get Nervous When Renewing Your Passport?

  1. Doug- Glad to hear! Once I get my new passport, then I anxiously wait for my old one to return! Regarding the Chinese Visa- you can bring your old passport and then still use the visa?

  2. Ed- I know what you mean about looking through an empty passport. In the end, you know where you’ve been!

    Stan- LOL. Were passport services better before Trump? I’m pretty sure it’s always been a pain.

    RJB- Current turnaround is 6-8 weeks.

    Glenn- We’ve only experienced the old one being returned separately. Definitely annoying!

    Doug- Hopefully it comes back soon.

    JJ- If I had the time, I would’ve gone in person.

    Jimmy- Wish I had the luxury to just go somewhere tomorrow!

    JB- Current turnaround is more than a month. I don’t really have the time to head to a passport center.

    1. Data point – old passport just arrived, about 10 days after receiving new one. Glad it did, my ten year Chinese Visa is in it!

  3. Why? Just renew it with enough time or if it’s a rush, go to a passport center. I renewed mine with a year left when I knew I’d be traveling about 8 months before expiring. Took about a month.

  4. The period in which you have no passport is definitely unsettling. But what if I want to go somewhere tomorrow?!?

  5. I pay the $60 expedited fee and go in person before I have an upcoming flight. This way I can get new one and old back immediately. It’s worth it for my China visa alone which was good for 6 years after my passport.

  6. Yes, for the same reason as you. My wife just had hers renewed and she got her new passport within the stated time frame (just barely). Her old passport is being returned separately but so far no sign of it and it’s been almost two weeks since she got here new one. In the old days they used to return both together

    1. I just renewed mine, and got the new one in the mail a week ago. Still haven’t received the old one.

    1. Stan, never knew our presidents have anything to do with issuing passports. Guess we can learn something new everyday or maybe you’re still one of those that still can’t get over Hillary losing. Regardless, happy travels!

  7. I never get nervous renewing my passsport. I do get slightly upset looking at a new passport full of empty pages. I feel like I’m starting from ground zero again in a dash to fill it with stamps. I have a long history of travel that isn’t reflected in the unmarked pages. It’s the same as some people who carry scuffed up suitcases instead of buying a new one. The age of the object tells a story and is a statement of pride and accomplishment.

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