Taco Bell Is Opening A Hotel This Summer

Taco Bell
image: Taco Bell

I wouldn’t consider myself a big fan of Taco Bell but I do like to eat it once every few years.

The biggest news regarding the brand in recent years was when they started opening Taco Bell Cantina restaurants.

livingmas.com says the restaurants “features an urban restaurant design, open kitchen, custom menu with shareable appetizers and alcoholic beverages. Yes, you read that right. A Taco Bell with beer, wine, sangria and twisted Freezes“.

Now the chain has other exciting plans this summer, which I came across thanks to Budget Travel.

On August 9th The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel and Resort will open in Palm Springs, California.

The hotel will be a property inspired by tacos.

I’d love to check this bizarre property out but the problem is that it will only be open for an extremely limited time of three nights. The resort will also be adults- only (18 years and older) which would be an issue since we (just about) always travel with our boys.

There will be taco themed rooms. I’d love to know what the options are? (Soft shell, hard shell or Dorito taco?) You can also expect a poolside bar, and a salon for “Taco Bell-inspired nail art and unisex beauty treatments“.

A Taco Bell restaurant with special menu items will be on the premises.

Besides being in Palm Springs, other location details aren’t available.

Bookings will open up in June and you can find out more here.

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