Stumbling Across A Tourist Attraction In New York City

New York CityMy family and I had brunch at The Little Owl in Greenwich Village in New York City over the weekend. I’d been meaning to try their burger for years.

As we got close to the restaurant, we wondered why so many people were taking photos of the building the restaurant called home. People were across the street, in the street and posing in front of the building and we had no idea why!

I know the restaurant is popular but I didn’t think that it was this popular! 
a red building with windowsAs we approached I snapped a quick photo of the outside. I typically do this, especially if I plan to post some food photos to my secondary Instagram account, MichaelWTravelsFOOD.

(Side story: We were standing outside for a minute or two, waiting for our table. A woman with a stroller said excuse me so she could pass by. As she passed, I noticed that she was with Norman Reedus, Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead! Sorry, no photos…)

Once we were seated and throughout our meal, I still noticed people constantly coming and going from the corner across the street. Most of them stopped to snap photos of the building and some were showing up in what appeared to be tour groups.

I was curious as to why there was so much interest in the building.

Kim and I were going to ask the waitress what the deal was but we decided to just do a  google search for Little Owl tourist attraction. The second thing that came up was an article from Travel + Leisure.a building with a red awningIt turns out that the Little Owl is located in what’s known to many as the Friends Building.

a map with a red arrow pointing to a apartment
image: Google Maps

While the hit show Friends taped in California, the building, located at 90 Bedford Street was used as the exterior in shots for it. If you look on Google Maps, the building is even labeled Friends Apartment with a camera symbol.
a man and child standing in front of a buildingAfter we were done with our meal, I figured I might as well partake in this touristy activity and take a photo with the Friends apartment.

Even though I was a fan of the show, the building didn’t look familiar to me. When I got home, I went to Youtube to catch a glimpse of the building in the show.

If you’re a Friends fan and find yourself in New York City, now you know (or maybe you already did) that you can visit this famous TV building.

And if you’re wondering how the food was at the Little Owl, maybe I’ll write about that in the future…

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