US State Department Issues Travel Warning For China

travel warningThe US State Department has issued a travel warning for China “urging Americans to “exercise increased caution,” according to Yahoo News.

The warning is for a rather bizarre reason, if you ask me.

The government says that Americans who visit China might not be able to return home if the country enforces local laws, detaining “US citizens without cause using exit bans”.

Under the exit bans visitors can be detained/ forced to stay in China for an unknown length of time. They can also be harassed and interrogated during this time.

This travel warning is a level 2 advisory which urges extreme caution. We just returned from a trip to France which also has a level 2 advisory. While there we didn’t see any threats or danger. (There were protests happening on Saturdays, which we avoided.)

Based on this, I wonder how legit the travel warning is for China.

After further reading through the article, it seems as though those most at risk are Chinese- Americans citizens and Americans of Chinese heritage.

China can use American citizens to help bring people back to China “to aid Chinese authorities in resolving civil disputes in favor of Chinese parties.”

While it’s never comforting to hear about a travel warning for a country, I don’t think that this one would stop us from visiting China if we had the desire to return in the near future.

What do you think?

Find out more from Yahoo here.

1 thought on “US State Department Issues Travel Warning For China

  1. Sound advice from the U.S. State Dept. It’s all fun and games until it’s not. Take heed. Communist China’s regime employs snatch squads at airports. These squads are directly tasked with apprehending foreigners based on criteria when their passports are swiped. The object is to gain hostages to apply pressure on foreign governments. Russia does a same tit for tat game. The Chinese government knows exactly who it is looking to grab. And it isn’t Chinese dual nationals or Chinese ethnics. They prize taking useful tools. It is a Communist government. Despite China’s love of money, luxury, consumerism, and Western products, it has not changed their totalitarian and dangerous way of governance.

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