Passenger Caught Sneaking 70 LIVE Birds Into JFK In Hair Rollers!

hair rollers
image: Twitter @CNPNewYorkCIt

Airline passengers have tried unsuccessfully to sneak various things into the US on flights. These items could range from illegal drugs to live animals.

USA Today reports that a “traveler was caught trying to smuggle 70 live birds through JFK in hair rollers“!

When I first read the headline, I shook my head. Was this a real story or an article from The Onion!

The story was indeed true, the US Customs & Border Control for New York City had actually tweeted out the news.

A link to a news release at was provided that shared details about the events which took place on December 8, 2018.

The passenger was stopped after arriving at NYC’s JFK Airport from Georgetown, Guyana.

While being inspected by CBP Agriculture Specialists, 70 live finches were discovered in a black duffle bag. The birds were hidden in hair rollers!

There’s no mention if any charges were made against the finch smuggler but the birds “were detained under quarantine and turned over to United States Department of Agriculture Veterinary Services,” according to the press release.


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