Man Giving Away Frequent Flyer Miles Over Holidays, United Matches

Frequent Flyer Miles
image: Aero Shots

Businessman Peter Shankman is giving away frequent flyer miles over the holidays to send some lucky people home.

USA Today mentions that “Shankman has beenĀ donating his frequent flyer airline milesĀ for about the last four years to those who can’t afford to make the trip home.”

Shankman earns lots of frequent flyer miles as he flies around 250-300,000 miles every year, frequently making trips across the US as well as by going to Asia and Europe.

He feels that the best way to give back to those in need is by using his frequent flyer miles. Shankman told USA Today that he “can only give so many free trips to my parents and my assistant and her boyfriend.”

The flights being donated will on on United and what makes the story even better is that the airline has pledged to match up to 200,000 miles to the charity of Shankman’s choice!

I’m not familiar with Imgur but Shankman is using the social media site to figure out who to send home. He requests those looking to get away to share their stories and then asks for other users to vote for those who are most worthy of the flights.

To date, five Imgur users have been given awarded flights which sent a total of six people home. A few more could also be given flights, too.

Find out more from USA Today here.

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