Delta Air Lines Cleaning Crew Accused Of Stealing Passenger’s Laptop

Delta Air Lines
image: Aero Shots

A passenger is claiming that his lap top was left behind accidentally on a Delta Air Lines flight and it was then stolen by a cleaning crew member.

The passenger who goes by Robert (no last name was shared) says that he called Delta in hopes of having his computer “tracked down”. He was then connected to the lost and found, where he left a voicemail.

Robert says he was able to locate his laptop (with the help of the Find My iPhone app) in Hapeville, GA which is only 10 minutes from the airport in Atlanta. (The area is also home to the original Chic-fil-A Dwarf House.)

A police report from the Hapeville Police Dept. showed that the person who lived at the area where the laptop was last located “admitted to cleaning airplanes at the Atlanta airport for a living, taking the device and selling it for $500.” That’s some pretty good detective work by Robert!

Yahoo reports that “detectives with the police department persuaded the man to contact the buyer and return the money in exchange for the laptop.”

Robert ended up having his laptop returned!

According to the article, Delta Air Lines subcontracts the cleaning crews and the laptop thief is probably not an employee of the airline.

Find out more from Yahoo here.

2 thoughts on “Delta Air Lines Cleaning Crew Accused Of Stealing Passenger’s Laptop

  1. I left a valuable clothing item onboard after landing at MIA. I discovered it missing as soon as we deplaned and immediately asked the gate agents to check. They asked the cleaning crew to check but the item disappeared.
    While clothing can not be tracked electronically, clearly, nobody else had access as we were about the last to deplane.
    Delta in particular should stop harboring thieves from getting access to their aircraft. Whether they are employees or subcontractors they are a security risk as they will do anything for a buck.

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