Confused By A Global Entry Renewal Application Question

Global EntryOur next international trip is a little over a week away.

While organizing some things, I realized a big oversight. My Global Entry membership was expiring next week on my birthday, the day before we leave for our trip!

Due to this, I’ll be the only one in the Michael W Travels family without a Global Entry membership.

I currently have the US Bank Altitude Reserve card. With the card, one of the benefits is a free Global Entry membership (worth $100). While I would’ve paid for the service, I immediately decided to start my application (renewal?) process.

After going through part of the application, I was up to one of my favorite parts- the one where you list your Travel History.Global EntryFrom what I recall, the last time I filled out an application, I had to type in the places I’ve been. This time the countries were listed and all I had to do was click the + symbol to add one.

As I made my way through the alphabet of countries, I got a bit confused when I made it to the ones starting with an M.

Myanmar was on the list and I added it but I could’ve sworn that I also added Burma while making my way through the countries starting with B!

This made no sense! Myanmar and Burma are the same country, why would I add it two times to my application. Also, regardless of politics, shouldn’t the US pick a name for the Trusted Traveler Program applications?

Anyway, I got my application finished and I’m now waiting on approval again so I can schedule an interview. I’d like to have my Global Entry membership set up again before our trip in February!

4 thoughts on “Confused By A Global Entry Renewal Application Question

  1. I just renewed my global entry membership. It was approved in about one week but it took about another week to receive the new card in the mail and no interview was required.

  2. I renewed mine about 2 months ago online. I did NOT need an interview. I travel all over the place almost every week. I paid by CC. Before my new card arrived, i got approval on my boarding pass. The new card arrived within 5 days. I have been to several questional countries since I got my first card.

  3. I just did the renewal online like you did for my wife and 3 kids as theirs are expiring next year (I renew them way ahead of time). I just read another blog where it said someone renewed close to when it’s going to expire and they also had to go to another appointment like when they first applied.

    Well, maybe there is some trick if you apply almost a year ahead of time then you don’t have to go through the interview process again. My wife and kids cards arrived just 2 weeks after applying for them and they came in the US mail in a plain envelope.

    They had the 5 year new expiration. All I had to do was activate the card on the GOES website. NO interview required. Their same photo from before on the previous card was on it.

    Nice and easy!

  4. Paul- Not bad at all! I hope that I don’t need to go for the interview.

    Jayne Holland- Awesome! I hope that my renewal process is as smooth as yours.

    Earl Lee- I’m hoping that your theory is wrong- I don’t want to go for the interview! lol I guess I’l be my family’s guinea pig. If I need to go for the interview, maybe I’ll renew their memberships early to see what happens.

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