Greyhound Bus Driver Passes Out, Passenger Saves The Day

Greyhound bus
image: Pixabay

A passenger on a Greyhound bus thought fast and saved the day when a wild situation took place. The bus was traveling from Nevada to Salt Lake City.

Passenger Everette Elliott was sleeping on the bus when he felt the vehicle “swaying“, according to the AP. Elliott woke up and heard some of the passengers trying to talk to the bus driver but they weren’t getting a response.

Elliott said that the bus “was going from side to side … it was like in a video game.”  He then walked to the front of the bus to try to help out. As he approached, the bus hit a median on the highway, barely missing contact with a stopped police car.

The contact with the wall sent the bus back onto the highway and Elliott then took action. He took control of the wheel and looked for a key to turn off the bus without success. Elliott then found a knob which he used to shut the engine off.

It turned out that the 30 year- old bus driver had an unknown medical problem and was taken to the hospital.

Another Greyhound bus was sent to take the passengers to their final destination, Salt Lake City.

Find out more from the AP here.

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