Woman Shows Up At Airport For Flight, Level Airline Isn’t There!

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image: Level (media pack)

A woman showed up at Newark Airport to fly to Paris for her friend’s wedding.

She checked in online with Level Airline but when she got to the airport, the airline wasn’t there! CNTraveler mentions that, “there was no gate number, no desk for the airline—nothing to validate the $179 one-way ticket she’d purchased.”

Level Airline is a new European low- cost carrier. They had planned to start service to and from Newark to Paris on September 4 but decided a few weeks prior, to postpone the launch until September 20.

The woman, Erin Levi, was supposed to fly on a September 9 flight which she paid $179 for. However, she never received any communication from the airline that the flight was canceled!

Level Airline supposedly sent out notifications to customers, many passengers say they never received it. Others said that they found the message in a junk folder. Even worse is that Level’s website wasn’t updated regarding the cancellation at the time of Levi’s flight.

Levi ended up purchasing a flight with Wow Air for almost double the cost of her Level Airline flight.

Level says that customers will get refunds for their canceled flights. There are no details yet regarding if those like Levi who booked other flights, would receive compensation.

Based on the circumstances, Level Airline should refund customers who had to buy alternate, pricier flights due to the cancellations.

Find out more from CNTraveler here.

8 thoughts on “Woman Shows Up At Airport For Flight, Level Airline Isn’t There!

  1. Ric- No clue! Maybe Level’s website allowed for it to happen.

    Eugene- How do you know for sure? Maybe the airline’s site allowed her to. That’s what it sounded like to me.

  2. Yeah, whoever decided to write she was able to check in, might need to double check the facts. Can’t check in if flight is canceled…

  3. Fly by night business. Also beware of some online agencies that when you book online and as soon as you confirm your booking, it freezes your booking. As soon as you logon again, your price is different and higher than what you originally try to confirm.

  4. They talked about notifying the customers in the morning that their flight was cancelled but forgot about it after their long lunch and siesta in the afternoon.

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