Happy Birthday Theo, 2 Years Old- 22 Countries Visited!

This post is way over-due…

I want to wish my little man Theo a very Happy Birthday in the online world! (We told him many times on his actual birthday!)

Over the summer, the Michael W Travels family headed off on a month- long trip to six former- Soviet states.

We had to fly home on August 29 to make it back before Theo’s 2nd birthday the following day.

Some of you might wonder why we needed to make it home before Theo turned 2. The reason was so we wouldn’t have to buy him a seat on the flight! (Babies can fly as a lap infant until they turn 2. This can save families a significant amount of money.)

At just two years old, Theo has already visited 22 countries. (This doesn’t include disputed territories like Northern Cyprus, Transnistria and Nagorno- Karabakh.)

Theo is truly becoming a world traveler. Some of his favorite activities are checking out parks and street art, chasing birds and he absolutely loves spotting meow meows (cats) everywhere we go!

When Lucas turned 2, he had visited 12 countries, including Kosovo. I can’t believe that Theo has doubled his mark at this age!

Where has Theo been? (Listed in the order/ age when visited)

Countries Visited:

  1. USA (obvious)
  2. Costa Rica- 4 months old
  3. Ireland- 5.5 months old
  4. Northern Ireland (UK) 5.5 months old
  5. Canada- 6 months old
  6. South Korea- 7 months old
  7. Saint Lucia- 8.75 months old
  8. Tonga- 11 months old
  9. Fiji- 11 months old
  10. Solomon Islands- 11 months old
  11. Samoa- 11 months old
  12. Vanuatu- 11 months old- turned 1 during trip
  13. Greece-  18 months old
  14. Cyprus- 18 months old
  15. Portugal- 19 months old
  16. St Kitts & Nevis- 21 month old
  17. Belarus- 23 months old
  18. Ukraine- 23 months old
  19. Moldova- 23 months old
  20. Azerbaijan- 23 months old
  21. Georgia- 23 months old
  22. Armenia- 23 months old

States/ US Territories: Listed in order visited. (* = did not fly)

  • New York*
  • New Jersey*
  • Pennsylvania*
  • Oregon (1st flight at 7 weeks old)
  • D.C.
  • Florida
  • North Carolina
  • California
  • American Samoa
  • Texas
Part of Theo’s flight map

Here are Theo’s flight stats:

Theo has flown on every flight as a lap baby.  Since his birthday is over the summer, I will show his lifetime flight info not yearly like how I do for Lucas.

Theo has flown 68 segments for 105,403 miles which took 10 days 4:18.Once again, Happy Birthday to Theo, the best little guy (tied with Lucas) we could’ve ever ask for! Mommy, Daddy and Lucas love you so much! Looking forward to more great experience for many years to come! 🙂

Check out a photo from each of the new countries Theo visited from his 1st birthday until he turned 2.

St. Kitts

Stay tuned for more!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Theo, 2 Years Old- 22 Countries Visited!

  1. Amazing, i would like to know which websites or apps you are using to keep track of all this information. thanks

  2. Cait- Thanks! I keep track of all of the flights on openflights.org. For countries/ states, I just have a note in my phone.

    Alan- Congrats to your niece. Your brother or sister must love to travel.

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