Welcome Theo Oliver to the Michael W Travels Family!

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Back in April I wrote about how I had to cancel an AA award flight to Fiji & Vanuatu due to a great reason. Kim was pregnant, we were expecting our second child!

While Kim was pregnant she was grounded from flying. Since I have a hard time sitting still (and not traveling), Lucas and I went on a bunch of Father-Son Trips which would be awesome new experiences!

Kim was due in early October but at the end of August, the Michael W Travels got an early surprise!

Early in the morning of August 30, the newest member of our family arrived. Theo Oliver couldn’t want to meet mommy, daddy and big brother Lucas so he showed up five weeks early.

It was love at first sight from the moment we saw Theo!

Things were a little scary at first since Theo had to spend an extended stay at the hospital’s NICU. We were told since Theo was born early, he might need to stay for 2-3 weeks but since he was doing so well, he got to come home after six nights.

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Lucas was excited to meet his little brother and is looking forward to showing him just how much fun it is to travel and visit amazing places all around the world.

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michael w

Since Theo has been home, he’s been out and about- he just isn’t a big fan of being in the car (it’s probably more being strapped into the car seat.)

We took our first longer driving trip to Pennsylvania, which was planned almost a couple of years back due to the Club Carlson stay 2 offer (which has since gone away).

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We already have a few flights booked for our traveling family.  Theo will be taking his first flight at the end of this week at just 7 weeks old! We also need to apply for his passport in time for his first international trip which is also fast approaching.

The Michael W Travels family is now a family of 4 and we’re super excited!

I’m curious to see what it’s like flying and traveling with Theo. I can’t see it changing things a whole lot but then again, you never know.

It will also be fun trying to see if Theo could make it to 30 countries before turning 4, just like Lucas did. I think we have some time before worrying about that!

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5 thoughts on “Welcome Theo Oliver to the Michael W Travels Family!

  1. Rich- Thank you and glad you like the name! Mommy Points probably has her own reasons for deciding what to share and not to share. We all have our right to do that! 🙂

  2. CONGRATS!!!!!
    Unlike fellow blogger, Mommy points with her 6 year old Cate, you proudly announce the arrival of Theo Oliver. Cool name!

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