Hippo Attacks 2 Tourists Taking Photos, Kills 1 In Kenya

image: wikicommons

Tragedy struck in Kenya over the weekend. As a tourist was taking pictures

The man, Chang Ming Chaung was bitten in the chest and later died from his wounds. Another tourist was also attacked but luckily was only “treated for minor bruising,” according to BBC News.

The men were tracking hippos at a resort on Lake Naivasha.

The tourists were identified by Kenya Wildlife Services as being from China but they’re actually Taiwanese nationals.

According to witnesses, the men went too close to the hippo. Due to higher water levels, hippos have been going onto resorts for grazing. The animals are the world’s deadliest land mammals.

After the incident, the Kenya Wildlife Service tracked down and shot the hippo.

Later, during the same day, a local fisherman was mauled to death just a few miles away, according to Fox News.

Kim and I visited Lake Naivasha during our trip to Kenya back in 2010. We spotted lots of hippos from our boat. I recall signs on fences warning about approaching the water due to the danger involved.

While it is tragic that the tourist was attacked and killed, if he was following the proper safety precautions, this tragedy probably could’ve been avoided.

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